Tecnoplan Srl - Engineering Consulting Office

for Industrial plants


TECNOPLAN S.r.l., is an Engineering firm established in 1977. It operates in the following fieles:

A) Installation design, execution of drawings relating to civil works, piping structural steel, vessels, electrical, Instrumentation and mechanical in general.

B) Support, management, installation and start-up of industrial plants, tests and Expediting

Design and drafting services can either take place at the client's offices or ours at any time and in a speedy manner.

Our organization is able to offer the best services, with respect to quality and costs restrain providing a wide range of skilled personnel. Ready to carry out any kind of work in Italy and abroad.

TECNOPLAN can also supply personnel for reconstruction of records drawings, writing technical specifications, adjustment of foreign drawings to italian standards, preparation of drawings for catalogues, execution of CAD drawings, conversion of records drawings into CAD's, etc...

We are completely at your disposal to satisfy your need in the spirit of a factual cooperation.

TECNOPLAN S.r.l. operates in the following technological sectors:

  • Petroleum
  • Petro-chemical
  • Chemical
  • Natural Gas/li>
  • Environment
  • Nutrition
  • Nuclear
  • Energy

Our organization, due to a diversified experience of its founders and skilled staff is able to offer complete and articulate engineering services in the following operation phases:

Feasibility study

Preliminary design
final design and detailing
technical support
tests, expediting

In connection with:
civil works
mechanical and steel structural work

TECNOPLAN, from the very beginning, has been organized in virtue of new demands to cut down costs for study and design activities.


The operation ability of our firm is near to 60.000 hrs/year which can be extended to to 80.000 h/y., through the use of our technical team, whose work is under our control and complete responsability.